Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Arkansas Driver's permit required to enroll in your program?
Will your course get us a discount on our auto insurance premiums?
What do you hope to accomplish with me or my teen? ​ ​
Where are the courses taught?
Whose car will be used for the Behind-the-Wheel portion of the program?
Do you still give lessons in bad weather?
What should I have with me for the actual driving lessons?
Why is Fall/Winter a great time for adults to take driving lessons?
Will the classroom portion help my student pass the knowledge test?
How long does the comprehensive driver ed course take to complete?
Why should I pay more for Driving Academy when I can get a certificate for an insurance discount cheaper somewhere else?
What does the student need to bring to the classroom?
How do I get a permit?
Where do I go to get an Arkansas driving permit and/or take the road test?
Where can I get an Arkansas Driver License Test Study Guide?
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