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We are currently accepting registrations for our Defensive Driving Class, Behind-the-Wheel lessons, and Tutoring.  Our 2019 Christmas Break Classroom Session is full, but you can register to be added to our Wait List (no payment needed)!  

January 2, our 2020 Comprehensive Driver Education Courses will be available for registration!  There will be some significant changes, so be ready to learn what those are as soon as January 2!

***We have a PSA for you as we approach the Christmas season: On Mondays in December, our office will only be open 8:30AM to 2:00 PM. Tuesday through Friday we will have our normal office hours of 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Thank you for all the love you have shown us this year, and Merry Christmas! ***

Driving Academy of Northwest Arkansas, LLC, is a private, fully-licensed school devoted to providing superior driver education, behind-the-wheel training, and evaluations for teens and adults, whether novice or experienced drivers.  It is Driving Academy's vision to help save lives and prevent headaches and heartaches by offering research-based, expert-recommended methods of training that are fun and relaxing for everyone involved.

We offer a wide range of Arkansas driving services:


We offer a variety of dates and times to complete the 30 hours of classroom instruction and assignments and six, nine, or twelve hours of private, behind-the-wheel lessons needed to promote safe driving for teens. Adult students wanting only driving lessons may immediately start behind-the-wheel lessons to learn basic safe driving or to improve their driving skills. While we allow our accomplished, approved students to schedule an instructor and our car to take the road test for an additional fee, we do not rent our car to others for that or any other purpose. Watch our promotional video or read our FAQ's for more information.

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